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Fall Fireplace Maintenance: Are You Ready?

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to face the facts. Fall is on its way. We might as well embrace it, because there’s no turning back now. The truth is that there are plenty of things we love about fall. It’s hard not to be inspired by all the beautiful golden hues of the harvest season. And picking out and carving the family pumpkins each year is one of our favorite traditions. Then there’s the crisp, refreshing snap in the air, that sends us deep into the closets for those snuggly warm scarves and vests and gloves. Ooh, and speaking of snuggly warm, how about winding  down after a long day with a glass of hot cider and a beautiful crackling fire? That’s more like it. Just one question: is your fireplace ready for fall?

Eliminate dangerous fire hazards

Have you had your chimney swept and inspected yet this year? Fall is the beginning of fireplace season, and national fire safety organizations all agree: having your chimney swept and inspected each year before lighting that first fire is crucial. Without a pre-season chimney inspection, your family and home may be at risk. A professional chimney sweep and inspection will identify and eliminate dangerous fire hazards, leaving you with a more efficient chimney and fireplace – not to mention peace of mind.

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