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The 6 Point Chimney Sweep & Check

It’s happening again. Fall is quickly catching up with winter. Before we know it, the cold snap that’s been teasingly dancing in and out of our nights will be here to stay. By then, it’s important to be sure your chimney and fireplace have been cleared for takeoff. The last thing you need is to turn to your fireplace for warmth and support in the midst of a deeply chilling evening, only to find the room filling with thick, choking smoke. Have you been too busy to arrange your seasonal chimney  cleaning and inspection? It’s time to call Chimney Quest for a 6 Point Chimney Sweep & Check.

Time to Get Ready!

We will get you ready for those chilling wintry nights. Our thorough sweeping of your chimney is followed by a point by point inspection to ensure every aspect of your chimney and fireplace are in perfect, safe, working order for the season.


The 6 Point Chimney Sweep & Check


1) Perform a  thorough chimney sweeping and cleaning.

2) Check the chimney cap, flashing and masonry for any sign of water penetration.

3) Check the chimney liner for soundness – no cracks or other damage.

4) Check the damper for proper function, ensuring it opens and closes smoothly and easily.

5) Check for a safe burning circumference within the fireplace – minimally 18” clearance from anything that could easily catch flame (such as curtains or furniture).

6) Check fireplace for appropriate safety screen or fireplace doors to guard against explosive ember and for proper ash maintenance and removal.


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Are your Nashville fireplace and chimney ready for your first fire of the season? If not, contact Chimney Quest today for our 6 Point Chimney Sweep & Check! Our skilled chimney technicians provide Nashville chimney cleaning and inspection in addition to chimney refurbishing and upgrade needs. To schedule your appointment, call Chimney Quest today at (615) 292-7411. Here’s to another safe and fulfilling fireplace season!


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