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What’s Stuck in the Chimney?

Q: What’s another name for your chimney to a Chimney Swift? A: HOME.

It’s been almost a year since you last used your chimney. But that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t been making “good” use of it. Uh-oh…What’s stuck in the chimney?! There are a number of different wildlife species that consider a dormant chimney – maybe your dormant chimney – a very attractive new home. Raccoons, opossum, squirrels, bats, snakes, and birds such as the aptly named Chimney Swift (pictured above) are some of the most commonly found culprits to commandeer your chimney. But what’s the best way to reclaim your chimney?

Dangers of wildlife in your chimney

Well, if “uh-oh…” was your first response, you’re on the right track. It’s not hard to imagine the dangers to your family’s health and home that are associated with wildlife nesting in your chimney. The first and most obvious fact is that a blocked chimney is a non-functioning chimney. Next, as unsavory as the thought of your chimney interior being turned into a creature crib may be, it’s nothing compared to the possibility of them finding their way into the interior of your home. Trust us, it happens! After that, it’s important to consider the various types of illness and disease that are carried by different species of birds, animals, and reptiles, as well as that generated by the presence of their waste. Additionally, those using their chimney lair as a nursery may attract larger, more dangerous predators to steal eggs or newborn offspring.

DIY dangerous

Probably the largest danger involved with wildlife nesting in your chimney is the risk involved with d-i-y extraction. An experienced chimney sweep professional knows the right techniques to safely remove each species from your chimney, and ensure that they do not come back. They also know how to do all remediation necessary to remove the risk of contamination, as well as any necessary repairs.

Contact Chimney Quest

If you’re dealing with a wildlife blockage in your chimney, contact the expert chimney and wildlife removal experts at Chimney Quest today. They can ensure your Middle Tennessee chimney and fireplace are free of any other undetected fire hazards as well. To schedule a wildlife chimney blockage removal, or a professional chimney sweep and inspection with Chimney Quest, call (615) 997-9133 today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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