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8 Common Causes of Chimney Fires

While you’re gearing up for winter, it’s important to remember to prepare your chimney for the season ahead. Chimney fires are a serious risk for those who leap into fireplace usage without the proper preparations. At Chimney Quest, we care about your health and safety. That’s why we’re bringing you these helpful tips on the top 8 causes of chimney fires and how to prevent them. For more information on preventing chimney fires in your home, you can always reach out to our Chimney Quest experts at (615) 292-7411.

8 COMMON CAUSES of CHIMNEY FIRES and how to prevent them

1) Lack of appropriate chimney cleaning and maintenance

  • Chimneys and flues must be clean and well maintained. Always be sure to have your chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional before each seasonal usage.

2) Burning wood that is wet and/or unseasoned

  • Use only wood that is dry and appropriately seasoned in your fireplace.

3) Inappropriately sized burning appliance

  • Your burning appliance must receive enough airflow to allow fuel to burn properly.
  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector is a wise choice.

4) Wood left burning or smoldering overnight

  • Always be certain embers are properly extinguished before going to bed. Resist allowing a fire to burn when too sleepy to remain alert.

5) Use of flammable liquids such as gas or paraffin for ignition

  • Use only recommended fluids in safe amounts as necessary in lighting a fire.

6) Burning waste paper or boxes / Use of excessive amounts of paper

  • Cardboard boxes and waste paper of undetermined content can burn unpredictably and quickly become out of control.

7) Flying sparks from fireplace

  • The use of a firescreen or doors will do a great service in protecting against random explosive sparks from a hot fire.

8) Sparks escaping from spaces in damaged brickwork or joints

  • Do a thorough visual inspection of your fireplace and chimney for damaged brickwork or joints before building a fire. If present, avoid use until damaged area is repaired.
  • Periodically scan the fireplace and chimney during use to ensure no previously undetected areas of damage exist.

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