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Category: Complete Chimney Care

Creosote: a Deadly Presence in Your Chimney

Wood-burning fireplaces naturally create creosote, a residue which forms naturally during the...

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5 Important Steps to Preventing Dryer Fires

How often do you use your clothes dryer? If you’re like most...

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Thinking About a Facelift for Your Fireplace?

A fireplace is a warm, wonderful addition to any home, and a...

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Your Summer Chimney: Give it a Rest with Chimney Quest!

Summer time is a great time to lighten up your home. And...

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Water vs. Chimney

There’s an epic battle going on in the war for your chimney’s...

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7 Signs of Chimney Repair Needs

By now you probably know it’s a mistake to take your chimney...

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Common Spring Chimney Issues

Seemed like the rain was never going to stop. Pshew! It’s good...

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