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Is Your Chimney Dressed and Ready?

Now that your kids have their new back to school wardrobe for fall, it’s time to take a look at your chimney. True, summer’s still here, but fireplace season will be here before we know it. There’s no better time than the present to get your chimney dressed and ready. Today we’re focusing on one of the easier ways to keep your chimney safe: the chimney cap.

 The Chimney Cap

A small protective covering for the opening of your chimney, chimney caps come in a number of different styles to choose from. Chimney caps are invaluable in keeping your chimney clear and safe for the easy passage of smoke and burning embers.

Benefits of the Chimney Cap   

The installation of a chimney cap creates a barrier that will prevent animals like squirrels, raccoons and birds, from making a comfortable home in your chimney. It will also dramatically reduce water entry from the outdoor elements, and the resulting damage to your masonry. Another important benefit of the use of a chimney cap is that wayward burning embers that could potentially make their way to your roof and cause a fire.

Go to the Pros

Choosing and installing the right chimney cap is not a task best left to diy-ers. The wrong size, a badly designed, or improperly installed chimney cap all impact chimney backdraft. This leads to poorer combustion and often, undesirable black smoke filling the room. This is one of those times it truly pays to go to the pros.

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