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Waterproofing & Foundations

Stopping water and foundation issues

In addition to brick and block work, Chimney Quest can help homeowners identify the source and solve water intrusion and foundation issues.

Water management

One of the most common causes of water getting into a house is simply from poor management of the rainwater that comes from gutter downspouts. Often, these downspouts terminate right at the foundation and, depending on grade, can simply drain right back down into the house.

Downspouts that drain into the yard can easily run back into a home’s foundation and basement.

In situations where this is the case, Chimney Quest can come in and bury all the downspouts into 4″ solid PVC that empties away from the home in the back of the yard. This ensures that all your water is moving away from the foundation, and helps keep things dry.

Foundation repair and Waterproofing

For more complex cases where there may be actual foundation damage like bowed walls, Chimney Quest can jack up the house, straighten the basement wall, dig out the outside and then clean, re-mortar and waterproof the entire exterior of the basement walls so there is no further intrusion.

All of our waterproofing work carries a 20 year warranty.